Tarot Forecast for 2018

A forecast is a prediction of things to come, just like as a meteorologist would give you a weather forecast. Many things can influence the change in the weather and the same is true for your psychic forecast. Every decision you make can change the course of our forecast. 

The reading is done remotely and you will receive it via email. I will ask that your angels and/or spirit guides be present with me. I will intuitively select 12 cards for you, 1 for each month, however, there will not be any particular card assigned to a specific month. 


I will then allow my gifts of clairvoyance, claircongnizance, clairsentience and clairaudience to guide me in delivering your message.


As with all my readings, I always try to bring forth messages of love and encouragement to help you walk your path with confidence.  


Please only take what feels right from your reading. Please note the following: 


 **The deadline to order your forecast will be 12/31/17 with delivery in late January 2018**