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    My Journey

    Throughout my life I've just "known" things and never knew why. Close friends always wanted my opinion on situations or what I thought about the outcome of a particular path they were taking. I always just gave my opinion (or so I thought). Over and over again they would tell me, "How did you know that was going to happen?" I always just thought it was a lucky guess.


    In 2005, after the death of my grandmother, my knowingness took a turn that I could no longer ignore. There were specific events in my personal life that I knew about beforehand, all of which were life-altering. I started seeing my grandmother in my dreams. I would wake up feeling that I had a conversation with her with specific messages for other family members. I was scared and felt I was losing my mind! With the help of a therapist, I replaced fear with an understanding of these visitations. When I began accepting that, I began receiving messages for other people in my life. However, these messages were not from my grandmother, but from Spirit. 


    Meditation became a saving grace. After two years of learning this art, coupled with self-reflection and the need to take my "knowingness" to the next level, I was guided to focus on my actual psychic development. I was then guided to Anne Reith, PhD, Founder/Director of the institute for Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological & Reiki Training  Wisdom and Wellness Center (IWWC). This has become my second home, and is the place where I've been allowed to learn about my gifts and practice them in a safe environment. 


    Now I know where my gifts come from and how to access them. My strongest gifts are that of clairgonizance (intuition/knowing) and clairvoyance (seeing). However,  I am able to utilize all of the "clairs" to recieve messages from Spirit. 


    Today, I am an IMPART Certified Psychic and Certified Medium. I have completed training and received certification as a Reiki Master/Karuna Reiki Master, and Diksha Practitioner. I've taken many classes including topics on: pendulums, crystals, dream interpretation, runes, and space clearing just to name a few. I'm always looking to learn new modalities so I can share my gifts with you. I hope to help you make a connection with Spirit in order to bring direction, peace, and closure (if needed) to your own life.