Distance Services

With so many people being busy with work, kids, school, volunteering, etc., the list is endless. Marlo understands that it's not always convenient due to personal schedules and physical location, to schedule a reading in person. She offers distance services that work much the same as in person.  Sessions are available via phone, Face Time, or Skype. 





Distance Reiki Healing 

Receive a Reiki energy healing from a distance. Marlo has been trained specifically to send Reiki to anyone in any location. You can request it for a family member, friend, pet, or for yourself. It can be sent to anyone, anywhere! 


Distance Reiki Healing w/Chakra balancing and E-mailed summary of session

Receive a distance Reiki healing, have your chakra's balanced and receive an emailed summary of any psychic messages received during the energy healing. 



Distance Energy Healings 

Phone, Facetime or Skype Readings 

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Card Reading via Telephone, Face Time, or Skype

You can make an appointment for a reading over the phone or using Face Time or Zoom. Upon request, she will also follow-up with pictures of the cards through and e-mail or text.  Session must be paid for in advance. You can pay via Venmo, PayPal or Square invoice.



These include interpretation/summary in e-mailed format. You will see pictures of the cards that were chosen so you can also feel the power of the card. Please ensure your questions are specific. 


If there is a service that you are interested and is not listed, please feel free to contact Marlo. 


Emailed  Tarot/Angel Card Readings