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"Are you trying to read me?"

My best friend always says how lucky she is to have access to a psychic whenever she wants. However, some people I interact with don't share her enthusiasm. I might be chatting with a co-worker who knows about my psychic work and asks, "Are you trying to read me?"

The answer to that question is: No. I'm not trying to read you, but...sometimes I just can. Let me explain.

In my psychic development, my teacher has taught me how to turn-off my gifts. My strongest gifts are that of "clear knowing" called claircognizance and "clear seeing" called clairvoyance. In all honestly, I don't really want to know what is going on with people I come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. Being able to turn-off my gifts is invaluable to help me sustain my energy. Think about how hard it would be for me to walk through a mall picking up on psychic information from everyone I walk by or came into contact with. It would drain me!

However, sometimes when having normal conversations with friends, co-workers, or even the cashier at Target, I am getting information. So why does this happen? From my personal experience, I attribute this to a few things. It could be a) the person is very open to a receiving a reading, b) the energy of the person I'm dealing with and my own energy vibrates on similar levels, or c) Spirit is using me as the medium to give a message, which is out of my control. What is in my control is what I do with the information.

My own personal way of dealing with this situation is this: If I know the person is open to a message (let's say a family member or co-worker), then I will relay it. If it's someone I do not know, I will ask Spirit for a sign that I am supposed to relay the message. I do this by waiting for a body sensation or spme other way. (Spirit has amazing ways of communicating.) Learning how to catch the signs is the hard part. If I don't get this confirmation before I leave the person, then I just have to go on with my day and not relay the message. But if I do get that second confirmation, I'll relay the message. Every psychic has their own guidelines, but these are mine.

Some of my friends have left me an open-ended clause by saying, "You better tell me if you're getting any messages for me!" For these friends, I absolutely oblige. But the people I don't know that I come in contact through my normal day-to-day activities, I do not.

So don't worry, I'm not always trying to read you, but if I do have a message I feel you need to hear, I will allow Spirit to guide me as to the delivery.

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