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What's the difference between Tarot cards and Angel cards?

The Tarot (sometimes pronounced tare-oh) dates back to the mid-15th Century. There have also been many interpretations of this deck through the years with the most popular is the Rider-Waite deck. In this particular Tarot deck the images on these cards are things like swords, castles, and gold coins. This particular deck has different suits like playing cards and is also broken down into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. A popular way to interpret these cards is by using the 10-card Celtic spread. Many Tarot readers use specific spreads for certain type of questions. Because of the structure of this deck, it can be hard to connect to these as both card reader and the person being read.

Since 1990's, author Doreen Virtue has designed many Angel card decks. Angel cards don't usually have suits. Angel cards are very easy to understand because of the wording and pictures on them. The art is definitely feels more modern and in my experience, people connect easier to them. One of her Doreen Virtue's popular deck is "Messages from Your Angels".

What is the difference?

My belief is that the energy of the Tarot is about you and what you're personally bringing to the issue(s) at hand whether consciously or subconsicously. The messages might be a little more straightfoward than the Angel cards. The energy of Angel cards feels softer and more encouraging.

Which is better?

That is a personal preference. I have clients that prefer to hear words of encouragement where others want the give-it-to-me-straight type message that the Tarot can bring forth.

With either type of cards, as the reader, I am only open to messages from Spirit that are going to help and encourage. I will never interpret cards with messages that could instill any type of fear or give predictions of something bad that may happen. I enjoy reading both types. I allow my intuition and/or my client decide which deck is best for the particular issue.

I love interpreting cards because many times, they give my clients the perfect validation about a situation, decision, or something that has been weighing heavy on their mind. Sometimes the pictures literally speak a thousand words.

So whether it's a Tarot reading, or an Angel card reading, I believe that the messages that come through is what the client needs to hear. It might not even resonate right-away, but then something comes up and the cards make perfect sense.