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Meditation vs. Prayer

Some people meditate and some pray. Some do both and some only do one and not the other. There was a time when I really didn't think there was much of a difference, to each their own! I was stuck on the thought that prayer equals organized religion, so I didn't pray, I meditate.

Then one day while scrolling the internet I came across a saying and it said something to this effect, "Prayer is the act of asking of God, meditation is listening to God."

It was an A-ha moment for me. I always figured if I meditated, it was "MY" version of prayer. But reading that saying, I realized there in fact was a difference.

As I continue on my path of self-awareness and striving to continually evolve as a spiritual being, I realized, I need to make time to do both. In case you aren't personally comfortable with terminology of what you call YOUR higher being, then insert what feels right. Either way, making time to mediate AND pray might just be what the Spiritual Doctor orders.