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About Me 

Marlo Intuitive

We are all on a journey. At times we see things clearly and we know exactly where we are headed. But then, life happens. We suffer loss, feel pain, or find ourselves in a sadness, a feeling of being disconnected that we just can't seem to break free.


These feelings can have the potential to overtake our life. One day it occurs to us that we've lost our passion. We don't find enjoyment in things we use to love to do.  Sometimes this can trickle down and effect personal relationships, health, financial decisions, career, and/or possibly even question our faith. 


I am also on a journey and my path has lead me to discover my gifts of healing. This healing comes in many different forms.  It might be through an energy cleansing/chakra balancing using my training in Karuna Reiki. It can come through my intuition and interpretations of various tarot and oracle decks. At times it comes through in the form of messages from our deceased loved ones, angels/spirit guides, or pets.  

My goal is share my gifts of with those that seek it out. I want to help you find your light on your life path that you just might have lost temporary sight of. 

Love and Light, Marlo

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What Clients Say

"Marlo's positive energy and beautiful words have been very therapeutic during a very difficult time in my life. She was on point about my life and on point about my brother, whom is doing amazingly well in a negative environment.  Marlo is an honest person. I believe she has a spiritual gift that empowers one to make positive things happen. I'm glad our paths crossed."
M.R. - Montebello, CA
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