seven symbols of chakra with a flower lo


We are all on a journey. At times we see things clearly and we know exactly where we are headed. But then, life happens. We suffer loss, we feel pain, or we find ourselves in a sadness, a feeling of being disconnected that we just can't seem to break free from.


These feelings can have the potential to overtake our life. One day it occurs to us that we've lost our passion or our joy for life. We don't find enjoyment in things we use to love to do.  Sometimes this can trickle down and effect our personal relationships, our health, financial decisions, career, and/or possibly even question our faith. 


I am also on a journey and my path has lead me to discover my gifts of healing. This healing comes in many different forms. It may come in the way of my gift of intuition (giving insight into a specific area in your life), my gift of helping you connect with a deceased loved one or a deceased pet (mediumship), or my gift of healing by simply channeling healing energy to the core of your soul from a higher being. We might not have any idea what it is we need, but we do know we need SOMETHING.  


My goal is share my gifts of with those that seek it out. I want to help you find your path you just might have lost temporary sight of, so that you may live life to your fullest potential.