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One of the oldest forms of divination to bring clarity to a situation or question.

Healing and Chakra Balancing

A non-touch, healing modality to balance the chakra system and move excess energy through the physical and spiritual body.


Connecting to a deceased loved one or pet. This is also a way to connect to your angels and spirit guides.

Intuitive Coaching

A conversational approach to receiving messages to bring peace and clarity to a situation, not using any divination tools.

Space Clearings

Clearing the space around us is essential and sometimes vital to our energetic health. Remotely Marlo can clear your location. It doesn't matter the physical location. 

My Approach

My approach is simple. I combine my gifts of healing coupled with my intuition and various tools of divination (tarot cards, crystals and reiki) to bring forward positive and encouraging messages. My readings are done to help you find clarity into a situation.  

I believe everyone has free-will and you ultimately have all the control in the decisions for your life. I also believe that psychics do not have all the answers, including me. Always go with with what feels right for you.  Some things in life, no one is suppose to know, and we are just meant to experience it. 

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