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Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards are an amazing tool to get clarity on a current situation. The magic of the cards shows up when they present to you a new way of looking at a situation, bringing up a concern you might have not thought of, or a validation of a direction you were already intuitively going to take. 

You can ask the cards about career, love interest, family dynamics, moving decisions, and much more. 


Card readings are believed to be guided by Spirit, so at times the messages may not be what a client "wants" to hear versus what a client "needs" to hear. 

You are encouraged to keep an open mind and always ask for clarification. Card readings should be seen as a forecast into a situation, much like a weather forecast. Many factors can change the course. Marlo encourages all her clients to take only what "feels right" from the reading.


Marlo uses many decks by different authors and allows her intuition to guide her to the correct deck for her clients.  Here are some of the decks she uses most often:

·         Radiant Tarot - Rider-Waite

·         The Psychic Tarot - John Holland

·         The Enchanted Map - Colette Barron-Reid

·         Light Seers Tarot - Chris Anne

·         Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot - Kelly Burton

·         Mystic Mondays Tarot - Grace Duong

Here are various reading options:

1. Quick Question Reading: This is for a situation that a yes/no is needed. 

2. Insight Reading: 3-5 card reading into a specific situation.​

​3. 12 Month Forecast (New Year or Birthday): 12 cards are pulled to see what the 12 months ahead potentially have in store.

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