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Space Clearings

Using reiki energy, Marlo is able to cleanse the energy of a location. The amazing part is that it doesn't matter where in the world this location is. Marlo does space clearnings both in-person and remotely.

At times you might feel the energy in your home, office, or other place feels heavy. This can even be in your personal vehicle. Energy in a space can over time get heavy due to "imprints" that are left from other people, situations and from yourself. Every person you come in contact with leaves an imprint of energy with you. You then bring that energy home and it's a cycle that can be hard to manage. Sometimes you might come across a happy energy and other times it might be a more negative heavy energy. An example of this would be energy from an argument with a friend or even a stranger. Even when you leave that other person, the imprint of energy remains. 

Hospitals are an example of where imprints of energy being of a lower vibration are all around. 

One thing to note about space clearing, it's not a forever cleanse. Unfortunately it is something that you might feel you need to do several times a year, mostly just depending on the things going on in your life that can affect space energy. 

Marlo uses reiki energy to clear energy in a space. Please contact her for more information on your specific situation. 

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